Fairfax, VA Security+ Training

Today’s data-driven business world demands high levels of security, provided by dedicated personnel who understand security threats and how to manage and respond to them. That’s why Security+ training is becoming increasingly valuable and why more and more businesses are looking to invest in security specialists. In fact, thanks to the DoD-8570 directive, many government employees in low-level and mid-level Information Assistance (I.A.) roles are already required to have this sort of training.

At TrainACE, we provide Fairfax Security+ Training that prepares individuals in all aspects of network and computer security, so they’re able to take the certification exam and pass with flying colors. By participating in our program, students learn how to prevent breaches before they happen and how to respond to them once they do. Through an interactive, hands-on learning experience, they gain the know-how to protect business data. What’s more, after passing the certification test at the end of the course, they leave fully qualified to protect and defend their business networks.

Each TrainACE Security+ course is in a bootcamp format that’s 40 hours long, available in various schedules — daytime, evening or weekend. They are taught by highly qualified, certified IT security professionals who have at least three years of teaching experience, as well as experience in cyber security and usually other certifications and continued education. Through an intensive course with an experienced instructor, every student gets the tools he or she needs to be an informed security specialist.

Topics Covered in Fairfax Security+ Training

Participants in TrainACE’s Fairfax Security+ Training will gain knowledge of many security topics, from general issues to more specialized expertise. Among topics covered, here are issues that participants can expect to learn more about:

  • General security
  • Communications security
  • Infrastructure security
  • Basic cryptography
  • Operation security
  • Organizational security

Requirements to Take the Course

Participants interested in taking our Fairfax Security+ Training program should currently be working in a network administrative or similar role. Typical job titles of these individuals include the following:

  • Network administrators
  • Security administrators
  • Information Assurance professionals
  • Anyone working in DoD 8570 compliance

Taking the Certification Test

The last step in our 40-hour training course is taking the actual Security+ certification exam, which costs $284. Thanks to the in-depth training in our program, participants are well prepared to pass and obtain certification. 

For More Information

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